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Stage The Space, Home Staging Industry Award, RESA-con, Las Vegas vacant home stagingWe are thrilled to celebrate one of our biggest accomplishments of 2023 with our Stage The Space community before the year comes to a close! On August 22, 2023, Fiorenza Bilak, one of the many talented forces behind Stage The Space in Las Vegas, was honored with the Best Luxury Vacant Home Stage award by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA). This esteemed recognition is a testament to the commitment, passion, and outstanding work of our entire team.

Fiorenza Bilak, a professional real estate stager since 2019, has been instrumental in transforming homes in the greater Las Vegas area, including Henderson, Summerlin, and Lake Las Vegas. At Stage The Space, we pride ourselves on elevating standards within the real estate community by delivering professionalism and excellence through our dedicated team of design experts.

Stage The Space, The Award and RESACON 2023:

The Best Luxury Vacant Home Stage award was presented to Fiorenza Bilak during RESACON 2023, an event hosted by the Real Estate Staging Association. This prestigious recognition underscores the exceptional talent and hard work that went into creating awe-inspiring luxury vacant stages that capture the essence of each property.

In her gracious acceptance of the award, Fiorenza expressed her deep gratitude, saying, “I am deeply honored and grateful to receive the Best Luxury Vacant Home Stage award at RESACON 2023. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and passion of my incredible team, whose talent and hard work have played a pivotal role in this success.”

She continued, “Home staging is not just a profession for me; it’s a passion that has been fueled by the unwavering support of my peers and mentors. I am thankful for the guidance and inspiration they have provided along this journey. This award is not just a reflection of my efforts but a celebration of the amazing community that surrounds and uplifts me.”

Our Mission at Stage The Space:

At Stage The Space, our mission is to elevate standards within the real estate community. We achieve this by offering world-class design concepts and high-quality services to Realtors and homeowners, facilitating the successful sale of their properties. Our genuine care ensures a commitment to the most favorable outcomes.

We are incredibly proud of Fiorenza Bilak and the entire team for this remarkable achievement. The Best Luxury Vacant Home Stage award is not just a recognition of individual efforts but a celebration of the collective commitment to the excellence that defines Stage The Space. As we continue to transform spaces and set new standards in the real estate staging industry into the new year, we are so grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to serve our community with passion and dedication in 2023. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

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