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Summer is here, and it’s time to give your living room a fresh look! Choosing the right colors for home staging this season can be challenging, but with some guidance, you can create an inviting space that reflects the warmth and brightness of summer.

In this post, we will explore different color options that will enhance the beauty of your living room when home staging.

Yellow, Orange, Pink, Home Staging, Stage The Space

Vibrant Yellows, Oranges and Pink

Firstly, you can incorporate vibrant hues such as yellow, orange or pink to bring energy into your space. These cheerful tones are perfect for summertime because they evoke feelings of sunshine, flowers, and fun. On the other hand, if you prefer a more calming ambiance, pastel shades are an excellent option.

They convey serenity and tranquility, which can be refreshing during the hot months. Pale blues, greens, or lilacs can add a soothing touch to your living room while still keeping it stylish. For example, if you want to achieve a beachy vibe, you could opt for soft aqua accents combined with natural textures like jute rugs or wicker baskets. The key is to balance out these light colors with neutrals such as white or beige to prevent them from overwhelming the space.

Choosing the right colors for your living room when home staging requires a bit of creativity and knowledge about how different hues affect our mood and perception. Whether you prefer bold or subtle tones, remember to keep it balanced and harmonious by mixing and matching various shades and textures. By doing so, you’ll create a welcoming environment for the people that view your home that reflects the vibrancy of this wonderful season!


Blue, Purple. Green, Home Staging, Stage The Space

Blue, Purple and Green Tones to Keep It Cool

During the hot summer months, it’s essential to create a comfortable and inviting living space that can help one escape the heat and view your home as an oasis from outside. One of the best ways to achieve this is by incorporating cool colors such as light blue, mint green, or lavender into your decor.

These hues have proven to be not only pleasing to the eye but also have a calming and relaxing effect on our minds. For instance, if you’re looking for a color that can add a beachy vibe to your living room when home staging, soft aqua accents combined with natural textures like jute rugs or wicker baskets would do the trick. Similarly, lavender shades paired with white or beige tones can give off an elegant and sophisticated feel to your space.

The key is to balance out these colors with neutrals to avoid overwhelming the room and creating a harmonious environment. Adding cool colors like light blues, mint greens, and lavenders to your living room during summertime is an excellent way to create a peaceful and refreshing atmosphere while still maintaining style. By mixing and matching different shades and textures in your home staging, you’ll be able to create a welcoming environment that will reflect the vibrancy of the season.


Embrace the Warmth with Peach, Coral and Mustard Yellow

While cool colors like aqua and lavender can bring a serene atmosphere to your living room, warm colors such as peach, coral, and mustard yellow can give off a cozy and welcoming vibe. Peach is particularly inviting as it evokes feelings of warmth and comfort, making it the perfect color for a family room or gathering space.

Coral, on the other hand, adds a playful touch to any room with its lively and vibrant nature. It’s an excellent choice if you want to add some personality and energy to your space. Finally, mustard yellow is a trendy color that’s both bright and bold. It can instantly elevate any staged room and make it look fresher and more modern.

When paired with neutral tones like beige or white, it can create a chic and sophisticated ambiance in your living room. So don’t be afraid to experiment with these warm hues in your home decor this summer! They can help you achieve the cozy and stylish atmosphere you’ve always wanted.



Curate Inner Peace with Earth Tones

If you’re looking for a way to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere in your home staging, consider using earthy tones like terracotta and sage green. Terracotta is a warm and inviting color that can add a sense of coziness to any space. It’s perfect for creating an intimate and welcoming family room or gathering space where you can relax and unwind after a long day.

Sage green, on the other hand, is a natural and calming color that can help promote feelings of tranquility and relaxation. It’s an excellent choice if you want to create a peaceful oasis in your living room where you can escape from the stresses of everyday life. Whether you choose to use these colors as accents or as the main color scheme in your home staging, they can both help create a serene and soothing environment that will leave you feeling renewed every time you step into the room.

How to Use in Your Home Staging

All of these colors work well together and can be used as accents or as the main color scheme in your decor when home staging to sell. To incorporate these colors into your living room, you could use them for accent pieces like throw pillows, rugs, or curtains.

You could also paint an accent wall with one of these earthy hues to create a focal point in the room. Another option is to choose furniture pieces in these colors such as a terracotta-colored sofa or a sage green armchair. When balancing bold and neutral colors, it’s important to keep things simple.

For example, if you have a neutral beige sofa, adding some colored throw pillows can bring some warmth and visual interest to the space without overwhelming it.

In conclusion, using different tones of color can help create different ambiances in your living room. By incorporating these colors thoughtfully through accent pieces or larger furniture items, and balancing them with neutrals, you can achieve a harmonious and inviting look that will make your clients feel at ease every time you step into the room.


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